Welcome to The Animal Camp

The Animal Camp is an ultrarunning club founded by its namesake, Josh “The Animal” Dennis.
If you call your friends to organize a training run when you hear reports of a tropical storm hitting your favorite stretch of singletrack, or equate “flood warnings” with “creek crossings”, this is the club for you.
Our athletes are training to push the limits of ultrarunning. Passion, endurance, and a hunger for adventure are the name of the game.  “If it doesn’t hurt, sign us up for something that will”.  We are not seeking volume of membership, we are looking to become a meeting place for a Family of ultra runners who share an interest in the camaraderie of trail running and the more hardcore aspects of the sport.


Based in the Mid Atlantic region, our short-term goals are to:
  • spread interest in ultrarunning;
  • provide a forum for athletes to share information, plan training programs and organize training runs;
  • foster the closeknit community that is ultrarunning.

A long-term goal is to organize and host a race or races that capture our unique brand of ultra running – what we call “Animal Camp style”.

Welcome to The Animal Camp – enter at your own risk.

The Animal Camp – RUN LIKE AN ANIMAL!

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