Are Mind Lice Becoming Resistant to Medicines need help?

Are Mind Lice Becoming Resistant to Medicines? I’ve heard that mind lice are often immune to the usual treatments need help . Is that accurate? And what can parents perform to eliminate lice for good? – Keith Just like the overuse of antibiotics has helped create so-called ‘superbugs,’ the ongoing use of lice treatments through the years has made mind lice resistant for some treatments. The more people utilize the remedies, the even more the pesky parasites start to build immunity to them.

Arctic accumulation of mercury comes from rivers Environmental scientists at Harvard have discovered that the Arctic accumulation of mercury, a toxic element, is due to both atmospheric forces and the flow of circumpolar rivers that carry the element north into the Arctic Ocean. While the atmospheric source once was recognized, it now appears that as very much mercury actually originates from the rivers twice. The revelation means that concentrations of the toxin may further increase as climate change continues to modify the region’s hydrological cycle and release mercury from warming Arctic soils.