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Superb Padding System The padding of a fitness treadmill best for home may be the most vital feature about which less had been said and stressed upon. If the cushioning is done badly, it would cause harmful pains to the physical body. Looking up for an excellent cushioning system is vital. For the purpose of saving, a woman got a cheap make, running on which harmed her hip joints and within 6 months time, she could not walk on the treadmill machine.Using model systems we will be able to work out more about the mechanisms. In addition, if we’ve systems that model arrhythmias then we can add things such as drugs to find if we can 'rescue' the situation, to find if we can appropriate the rhythm in the model. After that if we can apply that in patients we might find that it makes the rhythm better. If it makes them better without very much in the form of side effects, it might provide a new treatment then. Where can readers find more information? They are able to access the Lancet series right here: They can learn more information from the Atrial Fibrillation association: And from the Arrhythmia alliance: About Dr Andrew Grace Dr.D.