Canned soup ups degrees of controversial chemical Health HealthPop: Turkey troubles.

Talk about stirring up controversy. A fresh study implies that the urine of individuals who consume canned soup can include surprisingly high degrees of bisphenol A , a hormone-disrupting compound linked to health problems including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. PICTURES – BPA: 7 key sources People who consumed one serving of canned soup a time for five days had a more than 1,000 % upsurge in urinary BPA over individuals who consumed fresh soup for five times, the study showed. We’ve known for a while that drinking beverages which have been stored using hard plastics can raise the amount of BPA in your body, study author Jenny Carwile, a doctoral college student at Harvard School of Public Wellness, said in a written statement.Dana-Farber Malignancy Institute/Harvard Medical School – Alexi Wright, M.D., an instructor in medication at Harvard Medical College and an attending doctor in medical oncology at Dana-Farber Cancers Institute focuses her analysis on patient-oncologist communication, the formation of treatment preferences, and variations in practice patterns. Through her research she hopes to build up an evidence base to steer advanced cancer individuals’ decision-producing in areas where there are currently limited data, e.g., the use of palliative chemotherapy in advanced, platinum-refractory ovarian cancer..