Pharmacists are conspicuously absent from treatment teams for cancer survivors.

The prospect of pharmacists’ contribution to survivorship care is especially high when considering the communication gaps between health care professionals during a cancers survivor’s changeover from an acute oncology environment to primary care. Actually, a 2014 survey of oncologists and main care physicians revealed that only 32 percent of oncologists inform cancer survivors about who they should find for cancer-related and follow-up questions, and just 12 percent of primary care doctors have such discussions concerning survivorship care regularly.‘They collaborated around to develop a cost-effective remedy for our growing needs and we’re assured we are deploying a system that will enhance our patient’s knowledge and streamline communications across our company.’ When Recreation area Nicollet considered partners for this important technology upgrade project, they looked to a partner who is not only a collaborator, but an innovator also. The partner’s financial stability, experience in the health care sector and technology expertise were equally important in ensuring the perfect solution is would meet their needs for development and efficiency. ‘We are very happy to continue to serve Park Nicollet and proud to be chosen as their technology partner because of this important task,’ stated Steve Larson, vice president of Enventis’ Business Integration Solutions.