A synopsis of new health items.

You might be acquainted with the Spirutein protein powders, because they’re quite noticeable on the shelves of practically every health grocery. These powders are manufactured from soy proteins and fructose primarily, which explains why I’m not excited about the product collection in general, as I don’t recommend protein powders made with fructose. However, they now have a line that is unsweetened. They call it the Simply Natural line of Spirutein protein powders, and these are fantastic. The tastes are amazing, the lineup presents a significant variety of flavors, not to mention there’s a small amount of spirulina in the products aswell, but not that very much, by the way. I think that if any product had much spirulina in it, it could be green, but these Spirutein powders aren’t green, indicating that there’s really very little spirulina in them.That’s all described below. Alternative media fingernails itThe alternative mass media has already begun to get on the tale of the crash and the prediction I produced simply hours before it occurred. Macintosh Slavo of SHTFplan.com writes: Earlier today, Mike Adams of Organic News penned a caution to investors and the ones seeking privacy and prosperity protection through the use of the digitally encrypted BitCoin currency device. A couple of hours after Adams’ dire caution was submitted, the crash he warned about has turned into a reality. This morning hours, without warning, and occasions after Bitcoin attained its all period highs, the currency collapsed over 50 percent, essentially vaporizing up to one billion dollars in worth.