Cannabis as an alternative for heavy alcohol utilization?

Cannabis as an alternative for heavy alcohol utilization? Substituting cannabis instead of more harmful drugs may be a winning strategy in the fight against substance misuse. Research released in BioMed Central’ open access Harm Reduction Journal includes a poll of 350 cannabis users, discovering that 40 percent used cannabis to control their alcohol cravings, 66 percent as a replacement for prescription medications and 26 percent for various other, more potent, illegal medications. Amanda Reiman, from the University of California, Berkeley, USA, completed the study at Berkeley Patient’s Group, a medical cannabis dispensary. She said, ‘Substituting cannabis for alcoholic beverages has been described as a radical alcoholic beverages treatment protocol.These are largely preventable accidental injuries, explains Scheff, so we’re urging seniors to check out the AoA’s recommendations for preventing falls at home. These recommendations consist of: Install handrails on both sides of any stairways; Protected all toss rugs and carpets with tacks, nonskid pads, or double-sided rug tape; Use nonskid flooring wax; Remove soap buildup in showers and tubs; Place non-slip strips in tub and shower; protected bathmats with double-sided tape; Install adjustable-height showerheads; Mount grab bars on both sides of toilet, aswell as on bath and shower walls; Keep items used often within easy reach to get rid of the necessity for a step stool; Plug nightlights in hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms and stairways; Light switches at the very top and bottom level of stairs Install; Place a phone and lamp near your bed; Remove any clutter from hallways and additional high-traffic areas.