Also in global wellness news: Libya food shortage ?unpleasant symptoms.

Also in global wellness news: Libya food shortage; PMTCT in Swaziland; TB detection in U ?unpleasant symptoms .K.; meals issues in Foreign Plan magazine Libya At Risk Of Serious Meals Shortage Within 8 WEEKS, WFP Says Libya will go out of food within two months unless efforts are stepped up to get shipments into the war-torn country, the World Food Program warned on Thursday, Deustche Presse-Agentur/M&C reviews. Daly Belgasami, WFP’s director for the center East and North Africa, ‘said a U.N. Assessment group discovered this week that Libyans are at threat of ‘full-blown food protection crisis’ within 45-60 days if steps aren’t taken to immediately raise the flow of commercial goods,’ based on the news service .

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