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There is need of proper labeling mentioning the elements and the level of marijuana in these products. There are many other forms in which you may take medical marijuana like: * Smoke * Vaporizer * Tincture * Topically * Edibles The most common method among them is definitely inhaling the medical marijuana in the form of vaporizers, joint and pipe by means of smoke. This technique requires little act and equipments quite fast. The Cannabinoids and THC consider very less time to attain the bloodstream as these are being the most active ingredients in marijuana.The researchers discovered that all specialties acquired extremely high rates of adherence to timely administration of prophylactic antibiotics within the suggested one hour before medical procedures. ‘We also discovered that, although almost one quarter to one third of individuals were awake through the surgical time-out, surgical time-out was implemented in more than 97 % of all cases among the various subspecialties,’ Polk said. The researchers found that all specialties effectively avoided hypothermia generally also, and gynecologists, specifically, made appropriate options regarding antibiotics in a majority of cases. ‘Our research showed that clinicians in these rural hospitals showed an exceptionally high standard of treatment to their patients, equal to that provided at tertiary and urban counterparts,’ Polk stated.