Columbia Laboratories reports 34 percent increase in net revenues from U.

Net revenues for CRINONE marketed in foreign markets increased by 11 percent because of a 15 percent volume boost, partially offset by lower prices attributable to price adjustments for authorities tenders and a weaker dollar. Net revenues from various other products were $0.4 million in the first quarter of 2010 as compared with $1.9 million in the first quarter of 2009, a 78 percent reduce. $1.1 million of this decrease was due to the expiration in October 2009 of Columbia’s contract with Lil’ Drug Store Products, Inc.3 million lower in the 2010 period, attributable to higher sales return reserves primarily. Gross profit margin improved from 76 percent to 84 percent reflecting the change in product mix toward higher-margin progesterone products which were offset, in part, by higher agreement manufacturing costs caused by a weaker dollar.It is possible to help cut down the look of the dimpled skin brought by cellulite by utilizing these home remedies. Home remedies for cellulite are efficient in eliminating the fat deposits inside your entire body and straightening the fatty lumps in your skin layer so that you can go out without feeling ashamed with your uneven skin surface.

Diabetes and Asthma victims could benefit nano-particle analysis Patients experiencing conditions as diverse seeing that asthma and diabetes could reap the benefits of research in Cardiff University to boost the effectiveness of medications taken through spray inhalers. Researchers in the Welsh College of Pharmacy will work on new nano-particle medication formulations for inhalers, and enhancers to boost the potency of proteins, such as for example insulin, sent to the lung.