Are antibiotics overprescribed in the Southern?

Furthermore, the South got the highest use of every type of antibiotic, especially wide spectrum antibiotics that are effective against a wide variety of bacteria. Zhang informed Reuters this is specifically worrisome because overuse can result in antibiotic resistance. Once you get resistance to those broad spectrum antibiotics, the next time you possess anything where you truly need that, it’s not going to become as effective, Zhang thought to Reuters. The World Wellness Organization’s director-general, Dr.She receives $100,000 in grant funds with the Dr. Douglas H. Johnson Award for Glaucoma Research. This is provided to the top-rated analysis proposal in glaucoma each year, honoring Dr. Johnson's years of service as chairman of the Scientific Revew Committee for Glaucoma. Christopher Passaglia, PhD, University of South Florida. Passaglia is usually working on a clever pump that could give glaucoma researchers and clinicians an innovative program for measuring and managing eyes pressure.