Membership Criteria

To become a member of The Animal Camp:

  1. Get out and run on the trails with TAC at training runs or races, crew/pace with us at endurance events (i.e.- Get to know us, we are a family!).  Support of our members and TAC friends is the essence of our trail family.
  2. Run a recognized 100-mile Ultra Marathon.
  3. Most important- Obtain sponsorship from an existing member of TAC.  There are no paper or email applications.  We are not seeking volume of membership, we are looking to become a meeting place for a Family of ultra runners who share an interest in the camaraderie of trail running and long endurance events.
  4. Club member approval.
    Qualities sought in members of TAC:

– Passion for Ultrarunning

– No regard for your personal safety
– Quality health insurance
– Enthusiastic representation of TAC at events
– A healthy sense of humor

To become a member of The Animal Camp Crew:

At the Animal Camp, there is also always room for runners looking to train hard, get in great shape, and have a ton of fun while doing both. There is also room for enthusiasts just looking to crew a TAC racer or a TAC race team.  We call these folks The Animal Camp Crew.
DISCLAIMER:  The Animal Camp is not responsible for any personal injuries (physical or mental) sustained by individuals trying to become a member.  Always run at your own risk.   The Animal Camp, or any of its members, are not responsible for any injuries (of any kind) sustained by anyone participating in Animal Camp activities, races, or while training.