Welcome to The Animal Camp

The Animal Camp is an ultrarunning club founded by its namesake, Josh “The Animal” Dennis.
If you call your friends to organize a training run when you hear reports of a tropical storm hitting your favorite stretch of singletrack, or equate “flood warnings” with “creek crossings”, this is the club for you.
Our athletes are training to push the limits of ultrarunning. Passion, endurance, and a hunger for adventure are the name of the game.  “If it doesn’t hurt, sign us up for something that will”.  We are not seeking volume of membership, we are looking to become a meeting place for a Family of ultra runners who share an interest in the camaraderie of trail running and the more hardcore aspects of the sport.


Based in the Mid Atlantic region, our short-term goals are to:
  • spread interest in ultrarunning;
  • provide a forum for athletes to share information, plan training programs and organize training runs;
  • foster the closeknit community that is ultrarunning.

A long-term goal is to organize and host a race or races that capture our unique brand of ultra running – what we call “Animal Camp style”.

Welcome to The Animal Camp – enter at your own risk.

The Animal Camp – RUN LIKE AN ANIMAL!

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Researchers are interested in whether this phenomenon could be utilized in the fight against cancer.

Clear link between male subfertility and lower threat of prostate cancer Involuntary childlessness due to reduced fertility is usually a concern for most men. However, these men do have 1 advantage – they run a lesser risk of suffering from prostate cancer significantly. Researchers are interested in whether this phenomenon could be utilized in the fight against cancer www.generisk-tadalafil.com/varum-rkt-eller-generisk-cialis.html . There is a clear hyperlink between male subfertility and a lesser risk of prostate tumor. According to a new thesis from Lund University in Sweden, involuntarily childless guys have around a 50 percent lower risk of suffering from prostate cancer than guys who’ve fathered at least one young child. Continue reading

Protozoa and fungi.

As announced previously, BioDiem has entered right into a romantic relationship with america Army Medical Study Institute of Infectious Illnesses . The target marketplaces of antifungals and antibacterials are both incredibly large with the marketplace for antifungals approximated to attain US$11.3 billion in 2014 and the marketplace for anti-infectives generally forecast to exceed $100 billion by 2015. The ongoing rise in antibiotic-resistant strains of bacterias such as for example MRSA has resulted in significant curiosity in such compounds. Continue reading

Announced that Bristol-Myers Squibb will acquire Amylin for $31.

Bristol-Myers AstraZeneca and Squibb expand diabetes alliance Bristol-Myers Squibb Organization and Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced that Bristol-Myers Squibb will acquire Amylin for $31 http://tadalafilusa.com/tadalafil-vs-sildenafil.html .00 per share in cash, pursuant to a cash tender offer and second step merger, or an aggregate purchase price of around $5.3 billion. The full total worth of the deal, including Amylin’s net debt and a contractual payment obligation to Eli Lilly & Company, jointly totaling about $1.7 billion, is approximately $7 billion. The acquisition has been unanimously approved by the boards of directors of Bristol-Myers Squibb and Amylin. The plank of directors of Amylin provides unanimously suggested that Amylin’s stockholders tender their shares in to the tender give. Continue reading

Postdural puncture head aches.

Both intravenous and oral caffeine function, with the IV form especially helpful in lessening the duration of the headaches. Other medicines, like the prescription painkiller gabapentin, the steroid hydrocortisone and the asthma drug theophylline also can lessen the discomfort of the headaches in comparison to placebo. Sankaran to get Rising Star Award Many medications are found in clinical practice to take care of postdural puncture headache, so the aim of this review was to assess the effectiveness of these medicines, Basurto Ona explained. Continue reading

Us citizens divided on engineered food genetically While more than two-thirds of the meals in U.

Markets contains at least some amount of a genetically manufactured crop, researchers wish to know if Us citizens consider GE food a ongoing wellness risk or benefit. The result: Americans are split on the issue, but they have grown to be more skeptical in the last three years slightly, according to a fresh research from Cornell University. Based on whom you request, the technology is either beneficial or has unwanted effects on environment and health, said James Shanahan, associate professor of communication at Cornell and lead researcher of the analysis. Generally, non-Caucasians and women perceived higher risk in using biotechnology in food production than men and Caucasians. Continue reading

Bullying pushes overweight kids away from sport.

Bullying pushes overweight kids away from sport, increasing health problems Playground taunts might seem like harmless child’s play, but bullying may hold overweight children in the sidelines, rendering it more difficult for them to reduce weight, University of Florida researchers say. Most kids are bullied at some true point in their lives, but overweight children are more regularly the targets of bullies’ slings and arrows. Today a new UF study reveals this often leads them to avoid situations where they have already been picked on before, such as gym class and sports http://tadalafilpills.net/generic-cialis-reviews-%E2%80%93-what-are-people-saying.html . Continue reading

All febrile infants aged less than 3 weeks should be described hospital for admission.

Generally, nontoxic febrile children aged over 3 months may be managed as outpatients in general practice. Fever significantly less than 40oC doesn’t need antipyretic treatment unless the kid appears uncomfortable routinely. Paracetamol can be directed at children over one month of age; treatment must be directed at explain dosage when prescribing since available liquid preparations vary in concentration clearly. Ibuprofen may be directed at otherwise well kids aged 6 months or over.. Assessing and managing fever in children The febrile child or infant remains probably the most common clinical problems that presents to family doctors. Continue reading

Today announced that its been awarded a $1.

Bolder BioTechnology awarded NIH grant to keep development of growth hormones product Bolder BioTechnology, Inc active ingredient . Today announced that it’s been awarded a $1.9 million Phase II SMALL COMPANY Innovation Study grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of The National Institutes of Health . The grant will be utilized to perform extra preclinical toxicology and pharmacology research of the business’s proprietary long-acting growth hormones product, which has been made as a potential treatment for growth hormones deficiency, brief stature in kids and HIV-linked adipose redistribution syndrome . Receipt of the complete grant award can be contingent upon the accomplishment of certain study milestones.D., Company Principal and President Investigator for the grant, mentioned, ‘We are delighted to get continuing support from NIAID for our long-acting growth hormones program. Continue reading

Armed drones to become operated by a large number of countries soon.

Has said it would arm Italy’s drones, and France and Germany have made a decision to acquire them as well, NBC Information reported. From the RUSI record: As the US drone-strikes system is usually under renewed scrutiny, remotely piloted aircraft are but one part of modern precision-strike capability. Military actions in Mali, Libya and has demonstrated the continuing somewhere else, important reliance on advanced technical capabilities in modern Western intervention. This raises a number of important questions about the thresholds for military intervention, the real way it is carried out, and its consequences; in particular, whether ethical, legal, and policy frameworks have held up with the speed of technological switch, and how this affects the behavior of those in charge of policy and because of its implementation on the ground. Continue reading

Regarding to a scholarly study published in the Might 19 herpes infection.

CBIT therapy helps Tourette Syndrome kids manage tics A thorough behavioral therapy is effective in helping children with Tourette Syndrome manage their tics, regarding to a scholarly study published in the Might 19, 2010 special problem of the Journal of the American Medicine Association , that was focused on addressing mental health disorders. The research was funded by the National Institutes of Mental Wellness and involved several leading universities employed in partnership with the national Tourette Syndrome Association, Inc . Tourette Syndrome is a childhood-onset neurological disorder that affects approximately 200,000 school-aged adults and children in the U herpes infection .S. Characterized by involuntary motions and vocalizations known as tics, TS symptoms can range from mild to severe and will have a profound harmful effect on the lives of people with the condition. Current medications for TS are associated with troubling side effects, such as weight gain and sedation, and perhaps drugs do not adequately decrease the severity or regularity of tics. Behavioral therapy gets the potential to manage tics without the shortcomings connected with existing medications, but just a few research have examined the potency of behavioral interventions in people with TS. ‘People with Tourette Syndrome experience considerable impairment and sociable isolation, and effective remedies are limited,’ stated NIMH Director Thomas R. Insel, M.D.’ John Piacentini, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California LA and lead author of the JAMA paper, and co-workers compared the effectiveness of a Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics in 61 children with TS against a control group of patients that received supportive therapy and fundamental education about their disorder. The CBIT therapy was predicated on habit reversal teaching that includes two concepts: tic consciousness and competing-response teaching. Tic-consciousness training teaches the kid how to monitor themselves for early indications a tic is going to occur. Competing-response training teaches the child how to take part in a voluntary behavior made to be actually incompatible with the impending tic, thereby disrupting the routine and decreasing the tic. CBIT also includes a parent management component. Parents in the analysis were taught how exactly to manage their very own and others reactions with their children’s tics, and how exactly to best encourage and praise their kids for practicing the behavioral intervention techniques they were learning. Related StoriesDISC-1: schizophrenia's ‘Rosetta Stone’ gene? An interview with Professor Kevin FoxDeaths from avoidable risk elements: an interview with Dr Ali Mokdad, IHMESupporting people with macular degeneration: an interview with Dennis Lewis, AMD Alliance InternationalIn the JAMA study, the control and CBIT band of TS topics received eight periods of therapy over a 10-week period. Those who responded to therapy received regular booster sessions for three months, and were assessed 90 days and six months after the 10-week acute treatment ended. The outcomes of the analysis showed that 52. 5 % of the young children who received CBIT showed significant symptom improvement compared to 18.5 % receiving the control treatment. Only a few children dropped from the scholarly study, suggesting that the intervention was well-received and tolerated by the children and their parents. Dr. Piacentini notes that, ‘the response to CBIT was comparable to outcomes of trials with antipsychotic medicines for TS, but without the of the relative side effects associated with the usage of these medications.’ Interestingly, the researchers discovered that 38 % of children in the study were already taking medicine for their disorder when they entered the analysis and were allowed to remain on the medication. As a result, behavioral therapy could possibly be used by itself or in combination with medications to control the symptoms of TS. Continue reading