TAC Annual Thanksgiving Polar Bear Trail Run

Upcoming Animal Camp FA Event:
On Thanksgiving Morning from 7AM-9AM, The Animal Camp will be hosting the Annual TAC Thanksgiving Polar Bear Trail Run at Wissahickon Valley Park. 
Meet at the Valley Green Inn parking lot @6:45AM, early group run starts at 7AM.  Later group meets @7:45AM for the usual extra-curricular activities with the early group.  (Directions to Valley Green Inn).

Come on out for this “TAC style” FA trail run with all
usual extra-curricular activities!  Run for 2 hours, hitting all the big climbs, rocky and technical terrain, and the usual fun at various times throughout the run, followed by beers post run.

This is more of a group fun run, so no need to be intimidated by pace.  We will have a faster group and a slower group which meet up for the “fun” parts of the run.  Also, looking for anyone that could volunteer to take pictures/video.

Bring your trail shoes, a towel, some brews, and a warm change of clothes- you could get wet and hypothermia is a possibility in the cold weather.  All are welcome to join!  RSVP at info@TheAnimalCamp.com.